8 October, 2009

"InterGraphics" took part in the Second International nanotechnogy forum (October 6-8, "Expocentre").

17 August, 2009

We finished the electronic application to the teaching kit "Biology. Man. Health culture. 8th grade". The application was developed in cooperation with "Prosveshenie" publishing house.

4 July, 2009

Our company spent these sunny days on the island in the "Moscow sea" together with guys from "Prosveshenie" publishing house.

30 May, 2009
On the 29th of May Dubna was visited by the representatives of a number of countries - members of EU.

18 May, 2009

On May, 16 in the Central expocentre of Polytechnical museum passed "Night in the museum" - "Meetings at Mendeleev" at the exhibition "Genius of Russia - Heritage of Mankind".

29 April, 2009

Today our company left the Innovational Technological Incubator and moved to the third building of the Special Economic Zone incubator.

28 April, 2009

Together with "Prosveshenie" publishing house we finished the electronic application to the teaching kit "Physics. 7th grade".

30 March, 2009

ScienceArtFest festival is over! Company "InterGraphics" took part in the ceremony of awarding the winners of the second competition "Science museum in the 21st century".

30 March, 2009
"InterGraphics" took part in the exhibition "Genius of Russia - Heritage of Mankind", which was held in Maoscow Polytechnical museum. The exhibition was dedicated to 175th anniversary of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev's birth.

16 March, 2009

Today in the Centre of modern art at "Vinzavod" started the festival of popular science ScienceArtFest. Within the festival in a hall "Red" we present our exposition "Scientific museum in the 21st century". All interested person are welcome!

15 March, 2009

On Friday, March 13 our city was visited by the delegation of Russian nanotechnology corporation led by chairman of board, general director of "RusNano" Anatoly Chubais.

6 March, 2009
We finished work on the interactive cartographical supply "Geography. Planet Earth" for the 6th grade.

14 January, 2009

We invite you to the opening of the exhibition called "Modern natural sciences for school", which is held in the Museum of Science and Technics (JINR).

24 December, 2008
We finished the electronic application to the teaching kit "History. Russia from ancient times to the 16th century" for 6th grade.

3 December, 2008
"InterGraphics" took part in the First International Nanotechnology forum.

20 November, 2008
We participate in the conference "SEZ "Dubna" - First steps".

1 November, 2008
We are done with two-year project dedicated to the creation of innovative educational and methodic complex "Physics 7-9"!

13 August, 2008
We finished the electronic application to the teaching kit "Biology. Diversity of species" fo 7th grade together with "Prosveshenie" publishing house.

18 April, 2008

"InterGraphics" took part in the presentation organized on the occasion of the State Council of Russian Federation session in Dubna.

3 April, 2008

"InterGraphics" took part in the section "New electronic educational resources on physics in the new teaching methodical kit "Spheres" in the context of Moscow pedagogic marathon.

17 January, 2008

Now "InterGraphics" company is the full resident of the Special economic zone on the territory of Dubna.

15 January, 2008

Our project "Modern natural sciences for school" won the second competition "Science museum in the 21st century" by Dmitry Zimin's welfare fund "Dinastiya".

20 November, 2007
Company "InterGraphics" introduces our new work - the disk "Visual geometry"!

20 November, 2007
The product is based upon the book with the same name (by Georgy Yudin).

11 November, 2007
In November, 9th - 11th in MEPhI in Moscow there passed an exhibition "Information technology in education" ("ITE-2007"). It has been devoted to the questions connected with perfection of educational processes by the means of modern information and communication technologies application. Many Russian companies presented their projects there. "InterGraphics" also took part in this exhibition.

20 August, 2007
Finished the developement of geographical modules for "Prosveshenie" publishing house.

20 August, 2007

Opened the website for the products of National personnel training foundation. Website address:

1 August, 2007
The work on the interactive electronic application to the modern teaching course "Biology. 7th grade" has started. The course is developed under the program "Spheres" by "Prosveshenie publishers", which has the status of "academical schoolbook".

1 August, 2007

We introduced the first chapter of the electronic application for the modern school courses "Geography. 7th grade". The course is developed under the "Spheres" project by "Prosveshenie publishers", which has the status of "academical school textbook".

17 July, 2007
Completed the "Program and methodics of "Physics 7-9" approbation".

15 July, 2007
The work on the interactive electronic application to the modern teaching course "Biology. 6th grade" has finished. The course is developed under the program "Spheres" by "Prosveshenie publishers", which has the status of "academical schoolbook".

1 August, 2006
Started the new project - work on the interactive electronic application to the modern teaching course "Biology. 6th grade". The course is developed under the program "Spheres" by "Prosveshenie publishers", which has the status of "academical schoolbook".

1 June, 2006

We finished the second stage of National personnel training foundation competition. The competition was to develop CSIS (Complex Structure Information Sources) on the projects "Small school encyclopaedia of natural scientific discoveries" and "Physics and sciences on life".

12 April, 2006

NPTF (National Personal Training Foundation) published the results of the competition for the right to develop the innovational educational methodical complex "Physics 7-9" for general education system.

IEMC is based on consistent usage of computer interactive graphics for education to achieve visual and clear material statement.

20 January, 2006

Our new product - "We learn fractions" CD disk - is out for sale!

This CD is dedicated to such thorny section of the school curriculum as operations with fractions. Communicating with cartoon characters, children can get a lot of interesting and useful knowledge, learn to solve problems involving fractions: addition and subtraction of fractions, bringing fractions to a common denominator, reduction, expansion of the number of primes, etc.

13 January, 2006

We finished our new CD - "Birds of Russia"!

This CD introduces the birds of Russia, inhabiting various natural landscapes. You will learn many interesting facts about our feathered neighbors, listen and try to reckognize birds by their voices, try yourself in the role of the young ornithologist.

25 March, 2005

Today the opening of world's fair EXPO-2005 in Aichi (Japan) has passed. EXPO will last from March, 25th till September, 25th. It is the first exhibition of such rank in the XXI-st century (previous passed in Hanover in the last year of the leaving century). The basic motto of an exhibition is "Wisdom of the nature". 125 countries, 8 international organisations and a number of the largest industrial corporations of Japan: HITACHI, TOYOTA, Mitsui-Toshiba, Mitsubishi, JR participate in an exhibition. For an operating time of an exhibition it will be visited by over 15 million persons.

In Russian pavilion there is a worth-a-visit exposition installed by Joint institute of nuclear researches (JINR, Dubna), and our company was heavily involved in its developement and mounting.

25 December, 2004

We are preparing for World fair "EXPO-2005" in Aichi, Japan.

We are going to show video presentations and interactive stands on the following themes:

  • "Synthesis of new elements"
  • "Physics in radiobiology"
  • "Physics in ecology"
  • "Physics in medicine"

27 November, 2004
From November, 25 till November, 27 in Bishkek there passed the International conference "Science and education problems on the post-Soviet territory". The organizers of the conference were: National academy of sciences of the Kirghiz republic, the International association of academies of sciences, UNESCO, Association of academies of sciences of Asia, the Interacademic council on international questions.

25 March, 2004

For the period of a spring vacation company "Andreev Software" invited our representatives to All-Union children camp of computer technologies "KompjuteriJa" for carrying out the training for schoolboys. During our stay in camp, we conducted lessons with children devoted to studying of natural sciences with use of materials of our Internet magazine "Online Scince Classroom". Lessons and developing programs have been picked up according to various age groups of children.

The demonstrated projects have caused sincere interest in children. They showed the desire to continue training on our site even on returning home.

20 March, 2004

Today a series of open lessons on biology in high school №5 of Dubna has taken place. These were not usual biology lessons as they passed in computer classes. At the lessons the teacher of biology Bikanova N.V. used computer workings from our Internet magazine in biology. Besides computer demonstrations, schoolboys were able to work with training programs. The combination of colourful animation and interactive content has delighted every pupil without an exception.

9 November, 2003
In the House of international meetings of JINR in Dubna in the presence of many high-ranking visitors the first presentation of the International scientifically-educational Internet magazine for schoolboys on natural sciences «Online Science Classroom — the Well of Knowledge» took place. In the magasine we introduce our first workings on physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and ecology.

1 May, 2002
From May, 1 till May, 2 in Washington the World Russian forum has taken place. At the forum Russia and USA considered questions of cooperation in modern conditions in area of a politics, economy, culture, science and education.

One of cooperation examples is the international project for schoolboys "Online Science Classroom", which was covered there by the report made by professor Timothy Hallman from BNL, USA, and professor Jury Panebratsev from JINR, Russia. The purpose of this project is to tell to schoolboys about last achievements of a modern science using the Internet and modern information technologies. The content of the given project is defined by scientists from two largest international centres – Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA) and Joint Institute of Nuclear Researches (Russia).