17 August, 2009

"Biology. Man. Health culture"

We finished the electronic application to the teaching kit "Biology. Man. Health culture. 8th grade". The application was developed in cooperation with "Prosveshenie" publishing house.

100 animations, more than 380 drawings, 60 slide shows, 190 tables, 48 video fragments, 292 dictionary entries and 23 laboratory works are included in CD structure.

In comparison with the previous releases for 6 and 7 classes we added new sections "3D models" and "Physical culture". The last contains examples of preventive and medical complexes of exercises for pupils of 8th grade, including exercises for eyes when working with the computer, exercises on preventive maintenance of a scoliosis. The section "Tests" is expanded by examinations following the results of the textbook chapter and annual examination. Results of test passage can now be written down to a file in html format and then used for the analysis of answers of the pupil. As well as the previous releases of CD it contains sections «It's interesting» (more than 220 articles), "Reading" (67 citations) and Internet references on each chapter of the textbook.