6 March, 2009

"Geography. Planet Earth"

We finished work on the interactive cartographical supply "Geography. Planet Earth" for the 6th grade.

The product consists of six educational interactive maps: the physical map of hemispheres, the physical map of Russia, the world ocean, climatic belts of the world, natural zones of the world, the political world map.

The interactive cartographical supply is an auxiliary resource of the information-educational environment of "Sphere" ("Prosveshenie" Publishing house) on geography for 6th grade. The electronic product is developed according to a federal component of the state educational standard. It can be used together with various methodical sets on geography, its resources can be applied at studying of all geography course. Interactive possibilities of the supply are achieved by level-by-level display of the cartographical information, support of geographical objects, phenomena displayed on th maps by different types of media resources, and practical tasks. Any materials on the disk can be unpacked that allows them to be applied as a didactic material, considering specific features of pupils. The product is intended for use both on the personal computer and an interactive board.