14 January, 2009

"Modern natural sciences for school" exhibition

We invite you to the opening of the exhibition called "Modern natural sciences for school", which is held in the Museum of Science and Technics (JINR).

We tell about achievements of a modern science to schoolboys and the teachers teaching natural scientific disciplines.
At an exhibition parents and children can get acquainted with following exhibits:

  • The network collective modelling environment. The exhibit is intended for younger, average and senior schoolboys. Participants can play the games improving knowledge of the world around, attention, memory, associative thinking and training to the decision-making process, allowing to get acquainted with principles of modern accelerators functioning and discoveries made by them.
  • Study while playing. The fascinating, colourful educational modules telling schoolboys of averages and the senior classes with the basic concepts of natural scientific disciplines. Interactive lessons contain a considerable quantity of control questions and exercises and the laboratory works modelling the basic characteristics of the studied phenomena.
  • Science today. The demonstration movies telling about achievements of modern natural sciences.

The exhibition is held in the Museum of Science and Technics by JINR (Dubna), street Flerova 6 (opposite to restaurant "Jasmin").
Exhibition operating time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 15:00 - 18:00.
The entrance is free!