1 November, 2008

Innovative educational and methodic complex "Physics 7-9"

We are done with two-year project dedicated to the creation of innovative educational and methodic complex "Physics 7-9".
The project was developed together with "Prosveshenie" publishing house with the support of National personal training foundation. IEMC "Physics-7" includes the following chapters: Introduction, Structure of the matter, Bodies interactions, Solids, liquids and gas pressure, Work, power and energy. IEMC "Physics-8" is dedicated to learning thermal, electrical and light effects. IEMC "Physics-9" includes chapters "Bodies movement and interaction laws", "Mechanical oscillations and waves", "Sound", "Electromagnetic field", "Nuclear interactions".
At the moment the full version of the course is available on th website of Unified Collection of Educational Resources.

At this link demo version, methodical recomendationsand the full version of the course are available.