15 January, 2008

We won the second competition "Science museum"

Our project became the winner of the second competition «Scientific museum in the 21st century», organised by Dmitry Zimin's welfare fund "Dinastiya". Six of them have been chosen the best in a nomination «Creation of interactive expositions». We plan to create an exposition "Modern natural sciences for school". The idea of the project is to create a mobile exposition about modern natural sciences, basically intended for school audience.

The exhibit on the basis of the network collective modelling environment will be the key moment of an exposition. Experience of such software product developement will give us further possibility to create the model of key experiments of natural sciences, various natural and societal phenomena, difficult technical devices for a museum of a science.

Besides, JINR and "InterGraphics will give available equipment to expand the exposition with demonstration movies about modern achievements in the field of natural sciences, which will be presented on plasma screens, and interactive models for schoolboys in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics on touch booths.