15 July, 2007

Electronic application "Biology. 6th grade"

The work on the interactive electronic application to the modern teaching course "Biology. 6th grade" has started. The course is developed under the program "Spheres" by "Prosveshenie publishers", which has the status of "academical schoolbook".

The electronic application to the textbook "Biology. 6th grade" was developed according to the concept of "Sphere" project (a series of teaching and methodical materials on biology). The present disk contains animation and video materials, photos, drawings, schemes and tables. The dictionary of terms includes more than 100 articles, the guide of plants and animals contains more than 200 definitions.

The majority of lessons are expanded by the appendixes «It's interesting» and "Reading-book". Each lesson is supplied by tests and examinations, allowing to estimate quality of mastering of the material. The structure of the electronic application includes also 14 laboratory works and 15 biographic articles. The interface of the electronic application provides convenient and intuitively clear navigation allowing to select and keep in a personal folder objects of any type in any combination, giving possibility to store the information in a database, printing the text data and graphic representations. Transition buttons of the electronic appendix are always displayed in the same place of the top part of the screen.

Use of the electronic application to the textbook will allow to expand considerably the information (text and visual) and learn to apply it at the decision of various biological problems and preparation of creative works.