News Архив 2006

12 April, 2006

Won the NPTF competition

NPTF (National Personal Training Foundation) published the results of the competition for the right to develop the innovational educational methodical complex "Physics 7-9" for general education system.

IEMC is based on consistent usage of computer interactive graphics for education to achieve visual and clear material statement.

Interactiveness and game form lead to increasing interest of pupils in serious school disciplines and help to master difficult material.

In the course of training the quantity and quality of material mastering is supervised by a great number of tasks, activity of the pupil is considered at performance of tasks. All it allows to carry out the control of current work operatively. IEMC tasks provide the control over development of knowledge, abilities, skills of pupils and level of requirements on which their practice and an estimation is made. Authors have offered the imitating situations modelling a structure, functioning and information streams in studied object that allows to raise essentially efficiency of pedagogical technology of developing training.

The content of the offered examples will allow to provide the declared qualities of educational process. They are thought over and presented in the form of plots which allow pupils not only to be passive observers of physical processes (phenomena), but also to take part in "game".