9 November, 2003

"Online Science Classroom" presentation

In the House of international meetings of JINR in Dubna in the presence of many high-ranking visitors the first presentation of the International scientifically-educational Internet magazine for schoolboys on natural sciences «Online Science Classroom — the Well of Knowledge» took place. In the magasine we introduce our first workings on physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and ecology.

This project was started by physicists from JINR and Brookhaven national laboratory of the USA and supported by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, centres of science of the countries - participants of JINR, the American association on advancement of a science and other organisations. It is important for us that since 2003 the project is included in the science-city program of Dubna as the educational and informative cycles developed within the limits of magazine, become a real filling of that city information-educational network which is recently started to operate.