News Архив 2004

We are preparing for World fair "EXPO-2005" in Aichi, Japan.

We are going to show video presentations and interactive stands on the following themes:

  • "Synthesis of new elements"
  • "Physics in radiobiology"
  • "Physics in ecology"
  • "Physics in medicine"

From November, 25 till November, 27 in Bishkek there passed the International conference "Science and education problems on the post-Soviet territory". The organizers of the conference were: National academy of sciences of the Kirghiz republic, the International association of academies of sciences, UNESCO, Association of academies of sciences of Asia, the Interacademic council on international questions.

For the period of a spring vacation company "Andreev Software" invited our representatives to All-Union children camp of computer technologies "KompjuteriJa" for carrying out the training for schoolboys. During our stay in camp, we conducted lessons with children devoted to studying of natural sciences with use of materials of our Internet magazine "Online Scince Classroom". Lessons and developing programs have been picked up according to various age groups of children.

The demonstrated projects have caused sincere interest in children. They showed the desire to continue training on our site even on returning home.

Today a series of open lessons on biology in high school №5 of Dubna has taken place. These were not usual biology lessons as they passed in computer classes. At the lessons the teacher of biology Bikanova N.V. used computer workings from our Internet magazine in biology. Besides computer demonstrations, schoolboys were able to work with training programs. The combination of colourful animation and interactive content has delighted every pupil without an exception.