News Архив 2005

Today the opening of world's fair EXPO-2005 in Aichi (Japan) has passed. EXPO will last from March, 25th till September, 25th. It is the first exhibition of such rank in the XXI-st century (previous passed in Hanover in the last year of the leaving century). The basic motto of an exhibition is "Wisdom of the nature". 125 countries, 8 international organisations and a number of the largest industrial corporations of Japan: HITACHI, TOYOTA, Mitsui-Toshiba, Mitsubishi, JR participate in an exhibition. For an operating time of an exhibition it will be visited by over 15 million persons.

In Russian pavilion there is a worth-a-visit exposition installed by Joint institute of nuclear researches (JINR, Dubna), and our company was heavily involved in its developement and mounting.