News Архив 2006

Started the new project - work on the interactive electronic application to the modern teaching course "Biology. 6th grade". The course is developed under the program "Spheres" by "Prosveshenie publishers", which has the status of "academical schoolbook".

We finished the second stage of National personnel training foundation competition. The competition was to develop CSIS (Complex Structure Information Sources) on the projects "Small school encyclopaedia of natural scientific discoveries" and "Physics and sciences on life".

NPTF (National Personal Training Foundation) published the results of the competition for the right to develop the innovational educational methodical complex "Physics 7-9" for general education system.

IEMC is based on consistent usage of computer interactive graphics for education to achieve visual and clear material statement.

Our new product - "We learn fractions" CD disk - is out for sale!

This CD is dedicated to such thorny section of the school curriculum as operations with fractions. Communicating with cartoon characters, children can get a lot of interesting and useful knowledge, learn to solve problems involving fractions: addition and subtraction of fractions, bringing fractions to a common denominator, reduction, expansion of the number of primes, etc.

We finished our new CD - "Birds of Russia"!

This CD introduces the birds of Russia, inhabiting various natural landscapes. You will learn many interesting facts about our feathered neighbors, listen and try to reckognize birds by their voices, try yourself in the role of the young ornithologist.