News Архив 2009

"InterGraphics" took part in the Second International nanotechnogy forum (October 6-8, "Expocentre").

We finished the electronic application to the teaching kit "Biology. Man. Health culture. 8th grade". The application was developed in cooperation with "Prosveshenie" publishing house.

Our company spent these sunny days on the island in the "Moscow sea" together with guys from "Prosveshenie" publishing house.

On the 29th of May Dubna was visited by the representatives of a number of countries - members of EU.

On May, 16 in the Central expocentre of Polytechnical museum passed "Night in the museum" - "Meetings at Mendeleev" at the exhibition "Genius of Russia - Heritage of Mankind".

Today our company left the Innovational Technological Incubator and moved to the third building of the Special Economic Zone incubator.

Together with "Prosveshenie" publishing house we finished the electronic application to the teaching kit "Physics. 7th grade".

ScienceArtFest festival is over! Company "InterGraphics" took part in the ceremony of awarding the winners of the second competition "Science museum in the 21st century".

"InterGraphics" took part in the exhibition "Genius of Russia - Heritage of Mankind", which was held in Maoscow Polytechnical museum. The exhibition was dedicated to 175th anniversary of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev's birth.

Today in the Centre of modern art at "Vinzavod" started the festival of popular science ScienceArtFest. Within the festival in a hall "Red" we present our exposition "Scientific museum in the 21st century". All interested person are welcome!

On Friday, March 13 our city was visited by the delegation of Russian nanotechnology corporation led by chairman of board, general director of "RusNano" Anatoly Chubais.

We finished work on the interactive cartographical supply "Geography. Planet Earth" for the 6th grade.

We invite you to the opening of the exhibition called "Modern natural sciences for school", which is held in the Museum of Science and Technics (JINR).