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The network environment of collective modelling

The network environment of collective modelling is the distributed multimedia sowtware-methodical complex with client-server architecture, providing the organisation and support of students' collective work.

From the technical point of view the network environment includes some computers united by a local network. One of these computers (connected to a projector or an interactive board) displays the general condition of modelled system. The teacher operates a training course, changing parametres of subject model.

The teacher in this environment is the organizer of educational process. Problem statement is carried out on an interactive board with use of the whole spectrum of its functional capabilities. Pupils carry out a task either individually or in groups. Results of work are displayed on an interactive board and then the teacher can make the comparative analysis of the received results with work on errors and formulations of conclusions.

One of the simplest examples of NECM usage – network training module "Constellations" in which pupils together find constellations in the star sky. The gaming and competitive form of study promotes increase of motivation and involves all pupils in educational process simultaneously.