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Participating exhibitions

"Modern science for pupils"
(Moscow, Polytechnical museum, March 30 - June 15, 2009)

"InterGraphics" took part in the exhibition "The genius of Russia - the heritage of humanity" to mark the 175 anniversary of the birth of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev. The exhibition represents the legacy of Mendeleev in various fields of science and technology.


"Science Museum of the 21st Century" / ScienceArtFest
(Moscow, Center of Contemporary art "Vinzavod", March 16-29, 2009)

Our project "Modern science for pupils" became a winner of the "Science Museum in the XXI Century" organized by the "Dynasty" foundation of Dmitry Zimin. In the popular science festival ScienceArtFest exhibition was organized on the territory of the Center for Contemporary Art.


Authorized representatives of the EU (Dubna, May 29, 2009)

At May 29 Dubna was visited by the representatives of several embassies of countries - members of the EU. The delegation included the Secretaries and Advisers on Science and Technology Embassy of Malta, Spain, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Estonia, as well as members of the European Commission in Russia. In the Congress Center on the left-bank site of the SEZ delegation was received by the head of territorial administration RusSEZ for Moscow Region Alexander Ratz.

"Exhibition of the innovative projects of SEZ "Dubna" (Dubna, March 13, 2009)

On Friday, March 13 our city was visited by the delegation of the Corporation of Nanotechnologies headed by Chairman and Managing Director of the Corporation Anatoly Chubais. During the visit, the delegation familiarized with the exhibition of projects for residents and businesses of Dubna in the field of nanotechnology.


"Modern science for pupils"
(Dubna, Museum of Science and Technics, January-March 2009)

The exhibition is created on the basis of modern information technology. We tell about the achievements of modern science students and teachers who teach natural sciences.

At the exhibition, parents and children can get acquainted with the following exhibits:

  •  Wednesday collective modeling. For the junior, middle and high school students. Games, developing ideas about the world around us, attention, memory and associative thinking and learning decision-making process, allowing to get acquainted with the principles of modern accelerators and made to them openly.
  •  Stydy while playing. Fascinating, colorful learning modules that introduce middle school and high school students with the basic concepts of science education. Interactive lessons include a large number of control questions and exercises, as well as laboratory work, modeling the main characteristics of the phenomena studied. 
  • Science today. Demos, telling about the achievements of modern science.

    The First Nanotechnology International Forum
    (Moscow, Expocenter, December 3-5, 2008)

    Exhibition of advanced nanotech achievements was held on the territory of Expocentre. Russian and foreign companies and organizations demonstrated more than 80 projects. On the closing day of the forum the exposition was visited by Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov.


    "Special economic zone "Dubna" - The first steps"
    (Dubna, November 20-21, 2008)

    On November, 20-21th in Dubna there passed III annual conference "Special economic zone "Dubna" - The first steps". Conference took place for the first time in a building of the first constructed in SEZ large object – the Congress centre building. As a part of residents of SEZ "Dubna" our company took part in the first exhibition organised on the territory of the special economic zone.


    Meeting of the State Council Presidium of Russia
    (Dubna, April 18, 2008)

    "InterGraphics" took part in the presentation organised on the occasion of carrying the session of State Council Presidium of the Russian Federation out in Dubna. The presidium was devoted to questions of development of a science and innovative technologies. The exhibition was visited by the President of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.


    Information technology in education "ITE-2007"
    (Moscow, MEPhI, November 9-11, 2007)

    From November, 9th till November, 11th in MEPhI in Moscow there passed an exhibition-conference "Information technology in education" ("ITE-2007"). The action was devoted to the questions connected with perfection of educational processes at the expense of modern information and communication technologies application. Many Russian companies showed their workings there.
    ИТО-2007 ИТО-2007 ИТО-2007


    EXPO-2005 (Japan, Nagoya , March 25 - September 25, 2005)


    "InterGraphics" company together with corporation "AFK-SYSTEM" and Joint Institute of Nuclear Researches took part in a world's exhibition of high technologies, science and culture achievements "EXPO-2005". The purpose of the Russian exposition was to introduce the possibilities of Russia in civilisation development, its natural resources, a mental potential, perspective technologies, reserves of untouched ecosystems to the visitors of EXPO.
    expo-2005 expo-2005


    All-Union camp "ComputeriYa" (Mednoe v., March 25-30, 2006)

    Our company was invited to All-Union children's camp of computer technologies "KompjuteriYa" by the company "Andreev Soft" to make studies with school students. During the event, lessons with children devoted to studying of natural sciences with use of materials of our Internet magazine "Online Scince Classroom" have been conducted. Lessons and developing programs have been picked up according to various age groups of children. The shown projects caused sincere interest in children and left a desire to continue training on our site at home.

    computeria xed computeria computeria


    "Online Science Classroom" presentation (Dubna, November 19, 2003)

    In 2003 the first presentation of our Internet magazine "Online Science Classroom" in the House of the international meetings in Dubna has taken place. Within the project we have prepared a cycle of computer interactive programs. In particular, we tell about new Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) accelerator on which the international community of scientists conducts searching of a new condition of matter existing during the first moments after the birth of the Universe.
    online science classroom online science classroom online science classroom