Projects Образовательные ресурсы Experience in education

Our experience in education

Physics, grades 7-9. The purpose of this project is to create innovative educational and methodical complex "Physics 7-9" using a fundamentally new possibilities of modern computer technology. To a large extent, this project is based on the sequential use of interactive computer graphics for more visual and clear presentation of the material to the student. This involves not only passive reading texts of traditional textbooks from the computer screen but active participation of students in the the theoretical and practical parts of lessons. The project won the competition for the National personnel training foundation and is being tested in the schools of Karelia.


Project "Spheres" is a modern innovative educational projects having no domestic and foreign counterparts. Teaching kit "Spheres" includes a full package of benefits of paper and electronic records for all classes of primary and upper secondary school.

"Spheres" set consists of teaching kits for schools from 7th to 9th class. The set includes manual, electronic annex to the textbook, a notebook-trainer, exercise book, workshop, notebook-examiner, training tasks and the thematic lesson-by-lesson planning. While creating this tutorial was implemented reversal principle of its construction, which greatly facilitates the work with a textbook for teachers and for students. Each turn operates as a navigation framework for searching information resources.


In the electronic version of the textbook every turn becomes the active screen. It contains the footnotes, highlighted within the text, which allows for selection mediaobektov on the topic of this section. Mediaobekty (collections of images and video clips, animations, interactive models and experiments, terminology, reference materials, biographical directory, as well as interesting facts) thematically linked to the studied materials displayed on the turn (screen).