Projects Образовательные ресурсы NICA. Universe in the Lab

NICA — Universe in the Lab

The script of the film was prepared by our team together with Grigory Trubnikov. In creating the lesson, we used various modern techniques in creating content: recording a speaker on a chromakey in a television studio; Shooting of the NICA complex from the quadrocopter and the finished parts of the complex on the ground; Animation of the three-dimensional model of the complex; Two-dimensional and three-dimensional animations, revealing the principles of the action of the complex, working with particles; Professional voice acting from our speakers and sound series. The total time for the creation of the film, including shooting and writing a script - 3 months.

The lesson was recommended for holding in the schools of Russia by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The first audience of our lesson was the schoolchildren of the 11th school in Dubna. The same lassons were held in different regions of Russia. The lesson received 20,000 views in two months.

By the Day of Russian Science, our company, together with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, has created a popular science movie for schoolchildren and their parents about the NICA collider being built in our city. The movie is a story of JINR. Vice-Director Grigory Trubnikov on the role of science in our life, on issues of concern to our scientists, about the complex.


Russian version is available here:

To create the film, script writers, consultants, announcers, designers, editors, and cameramen were involved. The team numbered about 30 people. Some fragments of training were captured for the history.